The Challenge

This award-winning hardware supplier has been in business for fifty years, and in that time has sold over 15 Billion Items. They wanted to outsource their security and needed to make sure they were in safe hands

How We Did It.

Operating on a case-by-case basis we provided all the elements the organisation required, namely Internal, External and Application Penetration Testing. Ongoing Vulnerability Scanning was also introduced to ensure that their IT estate was always in a secure position and the company safely navigated its way through the Cyber Essentials Plus certification. (which was originally provided by their IT Supplier).

The testing and certification processes flagged up shortcomings with their provider and an enquiry was made as to the suitability of a bundled agreement.

The agreement fits like a glove and carries the attraction of a healthy discount for a 36-month term, in this instance.

Both parties benefit. The customer benefits from additional services included at a smaller cost, with the flexibility to plug different products into their call-off bank of testing days. This increases their overall security posture and allows them access to products, certifications, managed services and ad-hoc expertise that they previously would not have considered.

Cognisys Group benefits from a predictable revenue stream and has the satisfaction of watching the overall advancement of another one of its customers further along the Cyber Security maturity curve.

Another huge benefit for the customer is that they get to build an extremely strong working relationship with our team. It gives the client great comfort to know that along with all of the services being carried out that there is always someone from Cognisys on hand to help with any day-to-day Cyber Security queries they may have throughout the 36 month agreement.

15 Billion

Items Sold


NBG Award-winner


Years in Business

“Just lovely people – they needed some account management after trusting the wrong provider with their security, but we are delighted they signed a 3-year partnership deal with us”

Jay Maguire

Account Manager

David Kenworthy

Cyber Security Expert

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