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Getting You Cyber Essentials Certified

The comprehensive evaluation of your Cyber Security the procedures and controls is vital to understand and review the current state of your Cyber Security.

Going through Cyber Essentials Plus with Cognisys will give you an objective review of your current security controls and you will have our expert team on hand throughout to guide and direct you to achieving improved security protection for your critical business and technology assets.

This will help you identify what security improvements need to be made to pass Cyber Essentials Plus. Cognisys have a step by step plan to help you succeed.

Benefits To Your Organisation from Cyber Essentials Plus

  • You get a chance to review your current Cyber Security position.
  • You will identify your organisations current security gaps and get an understanding from our experts about what is needed to improve controls and close the gaps.
  • You get the chance to work with our expert team and benefit and learn from their expert direction.
  • Increase business sales and display the certification badge on your website. Clients like to see their suppliers are taking Cyber Security seriously

Our Solution For Your Cyber Essentials


We carry out an assessment against the 5 security controls. The controls are detailed in this document.


We look at the findings from Stage 1, review where you failed to meet the standards and together we will come up with a plan. The plan will be a collaborative strategy and it will detail our recommendations to close your security gaps. We will also provide you with an executive level report that covers our key finding and recommendations for the remediation work.


Once a Scope of Work has been defined and agreed we. work closely with you to help remediate your systems and execute the changes needed to pass the accreditation.


We carry out a second assessment and an internal and external vulnerability scan to confirm the vital changes are now in place and you have met all the standards required to pass the accreditation.


The best part of the whole process, your certification! If all has gone to plan, you will receive your certification within 7 days. Please note, if remediation takes more than 14 days we will have to carry out the Internal and External scan again before we can guarantee you a pass.


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