Penetration testing should be done for a number of  reasons, including:

  • To uncover major vulnerabilities and prioritise your vulnerabilities into low, medium and high risks, then give you an opportunity to fix these vulnerabilities.
  • To help you enforce your security strategy and identify any further security controls you need to implement if poor internal security processes are revealed.
  • To show your security team in real-time how attack vectors impact the organisation.
  • To give your organisation and team more confidence, with a new perspective on your network, application and data
  • To help inform governance and compliance improvements, possibly as your organisation aligns with industry security standards
  • To train your security team on how to better detect and respond to threats, while introducing newer security technologies
  • To test your team’s ability to conduct remediation and incident reporting.
  • To allow your team to optimise their incident response process
  • To protect your most critical data
  • To provide your management and leadership team with insightful reports
    To strengthen customer trust and loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to security