Governance & Compliance

Cloud Security Assessment


Organisations often don’t invest in risk governance because it’s considered a ‘high level’ service, only for corporate giants. If that describes you, we strongly suggest you reconsider.

Every public sector organisation has compliance obligations. In the commercial world your accreditations could be a competitive difference. Regardless of sector, size or scale, every organisation has a duty of care to its people, its partners and itself, to manage its data securely and effectively and limit risk.

Governance and compliance are generally linked to scale and complexity. Larger and more complex organisations invariably oblige more effort. Conversely, smaller organisations often find compliance easier to achieve but, in all circumstances, an independent, objective assessment of data, security and controls is an essential stepping-stone towards risk mitigation.

Governance and compliance have never been more challenging or complex.

Legislation and regulation are becoming more stringent, obliging organisations to manage data securely in a landscape where cyber threat is increasing exponentially, whilst penalties for breach are becoming ever more punitive.

Organisations today manage more data than ever before, so making mistakes with data is almost inevitable. Anyone can make a Subject Access Request (SAR) for data that you may hold, and a data breach can sometimes be catastrophic.

This is why you need expert help to design the right processes, controls and systems to mitigate your risk and achieve the necessary compliance for your organisation. We help you do that and more.


Our Governance & Compliance service generally includes:

  • Review of existing cyber security governance policies, risk register, security awareness training, audits and frameworks.
  • Review of data structures.
  • Gap analysis to identify changes required, against industry standards.

Based on the outcomes of the above, our experts help you develop cyber security governance measures including an effective security policy and cyber strategy in line with your requirements.

Cognisys helps you meet your Cyber Essentials, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, IASME, ISO27001, NIST and other compliance requirements.


  • Accredited expertise in Governance & Compliance.
  • Independent and objective approach.
  • Significant cross-sector experience.
  • Active involvement in developing and maturing your cyber security posture.
  • Multi-disciplinary team including experienced governance auditors and technical experts complementing our strategic consultancy service.
  • Continuity of service.


Cognisys provides regular reporting via dedicated Account Management, internal support and technical teams, as appropriate.
Additional information is available via our SmartView platform to keep you fully updated at all times.