Don’t be daunted by threat intel. SmartView simplifies the threat intelligence process and you don’t lift a finger.

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Threat intelligence changes the game.

Threat intel sources are now available with wide ranges of cost and quality and you should choose wisely how to connect to it and use it effectively.

Harnessing great threat intelligence the right way ensures rapid detection of known malicious activity on your network that slips past traditional perimeter defences and it’s where SmartView shines.

SmartView, powered by Perch, integrates with any threat intel feed, as well as advanced CTI systems. Now our comanaged systems provide a world-class managed threat detection service.

Let us put your threat intel to work for you so you can:

  • DETECT the threats your intel warns you about
  • VISUALISE threats detected on your network
  • ACT when known threats are detected.

SmartView does the legwork. Your sensor is monitored by our Perch certified analysts and, armed with familiarity with your network, Cognisys walks you through the process to ensure you get the most value from your SIEM investment. Our custom online tools allow you to see all of your threat indicators and participate as much or as little as you wish.

And you don’t need to break the budget. Combined with the expertise and centralised services of our SOC, SmartView offers your business a true threat intelligence program without the burden of hiring threat analysts to process large volumes of data and investing in high-priced security tools.

Start defending, with threat intelligence right away.

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  • Our web-based application works with a dedicated sensor to show you any sign of threat activity found on your network. You have full access to view what’s happening on your network and you control who else does as required.
  • Installed in under an hour, our sensors (physical or virtual machine) are placed inside your firewall and monitor the traffic of a network segment via a TAP or SPAN port.
  • While you can see and interact with every alert you receive through SmartView, powered by Perch, our specialised SOC analysts work each alert to validate real threats and escalate them to you with suggested fast remediation plans.

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