Our New Home in Leeds

We’ve been settling into our new home in Leeds, and how great does it look! After 3 years of Halifax, it was time for a bit of a change, and we are super happy to have a bunch of other Cyber and Tech organisations on our doorstep, we’re excited to be closer to the action!

Our services are taken by some of the biggest and best-known companies in the world and we’re keen to keep extending our reach throughout the region. Cognisys is committed to investing in the future of its business and the development of our people, so we have ambitious plans to keep on growing. We’re looking forward to deepening our relationships and connections with the Leeds professional and technical communities throughout 2023.

Cognisys was formed 2019 in Halifax with the ambition to improve the Cyber Security of every organisation it touches. We are an award-winning organisation that has helped keep secure over 430,000 people internationally. For more information on our services, take a look at our service catalogue and our pen testing services on our website here.


Published On: November 25th, 2022 / Categories: Cognisys /

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