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What is a Cloud Services Security Assessment?

As you move your workloads and services into the public cloud, you need to protect them. Your business wants to take advantage of the cost and development benefits afforded by migrating your applications and data from on-premises to public cloud environments, and securing these should be a key part of your considerations.

Your organisation needs to uncover security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and ensure your public cloud deployments are secure and compliant.

Our Cloud Security Assessment helps your organisation identify the risks to be minimised and protect your critical assets in the cloud. Our Cloud Security consultants can deliver cloud assessments for the following models:

• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

• Platform as a Service (PaaS)

• Software as a Service (Saas)

Our Approach to Cloud Services

Irrespective of the cloud service model in use, it is the responsibility of either owner or tenant to provide a safe and secure cloud environment for its users. This validation must be sought to identify any gaps in the design and deployment phase.

Cloud based solutions require independent assurance around the building and configuration of the service provider’s environment. Cognisys can assess these solutions hosted on Azure, AWS, and Google cloud environments.

Cloud Security Assessments are common among vendors relying on cloud services. Due to the size, business operations reliability, and severity of the information involved, it is imperative that an independent third-party opinion is sought to ensure the attack surface is always minimal.

Due to the increasing popularity of cloud-based models, cloud solution vendors have various compulsions to perform these reviews, ranging from proactive internal decisions, vendor assurance certifications, to periodic assessments or after every major change in the setup.

Cloud Penetration Testing is an authorised simulated cyber-attack against a system that is hosted on a Cloud providers platform, currently:

• Amazon AWS

• Microsoft’s Azure

• Google Cloud

What Web Application Penetration Testing Involves


If your cloud-based solution is not sufficiently hardened or poorly configured, your business could be vulnerable, to the numerous implications that arise from a data breach, ranging from reputational damage to significant financial and legal penalties.

While the cloud providers platform, underpinning your solution is always outside our remit, it is our job to ensure that the platform configuration, application code, or any assets deployed within this environment, do not present security risks.

As an example, the top issues resulting from a typical AWS

assessment include:

• S3 bucket configuration flaws

• AWS IAM keys security

• Cloudfront misconfiguration/bypass

• Logging and Monitoring (Cloudtrail)

• Insecure Permissions, Privilege Management


The assessment is documented in a simple, easily digestible, format.

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