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Our SmartView technology improves your security and keeps you in control.

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What is Vulnerability Scanning?

New vulnerabilities are discovered daily, increasing the threat to your business. Vulnerability Scanning allows an organisation to evaluate the security of its applications against the latest threats.

Reduce risk, improve your awareness and stay secure between manual security tests.

Introducing our SmartView managed vulnerability service.

We conduct tests, either automatically or manually so you don’t have to and submit the results back to you in an easy to understand actionable format, showing vulnerabilities, and system changes

Our Approach to Vulnerability Scanning

The SmartView device is configured to suit your requirements, then shipped to your site and can often be

ready to go in a few minutes. The device securely connects back to our Security Operations Centre in Halifax and can only be used by us, following authenticated connection from specific IP’s and trusted appliances.

Our engineers then engage via the device as if they are sitting with you.

All data and reports are encrypted and securely held on our portal for a pre-agreed amount of time, and available for download, after which they are completely erased.

• Reduces Risk

• Increases Visibility

• Tracks Changes

• Improves Security to go in a few minutes.

What Vulnerability Scanning Involves


Customise your report and sort by vulnerability or host with an executive summary

Historical SmartView comparison highlighting changes

Threats: Botnets/malicious, process/antivirus auditing

OS local security checks Windows/Linux/MacOS – missing

patches, security configuration and user management

Detect viruses, backdoors, CGI abuses, hosts communicating with botnet-infected systems, known/unknown processes, web services linking to malicious content

• Cisco security

• Database checks

• Denial of service check

• Domain Name Service check

• Firewall check

• File Transfer Protocol Services


• SSL settings

• Remote access configuration checks

• SMTP configuration

• SNMP configuration


Typically Monthly or quarterly


The assessment is downloadable, searchable and indexable, showing improvements over time and tracking compliance

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