0-300mph ISO 27001 at F1 speed: Quix’s success story

Learn how Quix teamed up with Cognisys for their ISO 27001 certification, overcoming challenges through strategic collaboration for compliance and success.

The client

Quix is a data processing platform that helps data scientists process and analyse data in real-time using Python. They use software tools like Kafka, Kubernetes and cloud services to help clients make better decisions by optimising their data assets.

Quix was founded by four Formula 1 engineers and with the experience they got from McLaren, they harnessed streaming data to make quick decisions. They wanted to make this capability available to other industries, so they created a platform that simplifies Python stream processing for developers, building machine learning and generative AI applications. Quix is a powerful tool that can help businesses of any size improve their data analysis abilities.

Quix provides support to developers who work for leading companies such as McLaren, Deloitte, and others.

“We attempted ISO 27001 the year prior, but we lacked the sufficient time and resources to handle it effectively.”

Agnese Sardella

Chief of Staff, Quix, London

The challenge

Quix faced several challenges with their task of achieving ISO 27001 as they initially struggled with limited resources and time constraints. Quix attempted to achieve their ISO 27001 certification the previous year before partnering with Cognisys but lacked the resourcing, time, and expertise to complete it successfully. Additionally, Quix needed support from credentialed engineers to expedite the process and ensure compliance was met. After consulting with Vanta, the leading Trust Management Platform, on possible ways to add leverage to their compliance journey, Quix chose Cognisys as their ideal partner for tailored guidance and support due to our experience with GRC solutions and our strong understanding of the Vanta platform.

“I was personally satisfied with the support. Questions were promptly answered, often within minutes or hours, and always within the relevant scope.”

Péter Nagy

Head of Infrastructure, Quix, London

The solution

Through a collaborative effort between Quix and Cognisys, and powered by Vanta, the ISO 27001 was successfully achieved ahead of schedule. Clear communication and responsiveness were key components of this partnership, ensuring that potential misinterpretations were avoided. Our team’s experience, particularly during interactions with auditors, contributed to a smooth certification process.

Effective communication was fundamental to our collaboration, with prompt and relevant responses provided to Quix’s queries through various channels. The combination of using Vanta’s streamlined processes and the Cognisys GRC solutions proved highly effective, with Vanta automating the groundwork and Cognisys seamlessly filling in the gaps.

As a result of this partnership, Quix not only obtained their ISO 27001 certification ahead of schedule but also reinforced their reputation as a trusted industry leader dedicated to upholding the highest standards of security and compliance.

“The understanding and respect Cognisys showed towards our business complexities, coupled with their professional approach in moving the process forward, were exemplary. It was a perfect ten-out-of-ten experience.”

Agnese Sardella

Chief of Staff, Quix, London



“Cognisys’ expertise didn’t just solve my immediate questions; it often led to deeper dives into related areas, uncovering valuable insights.”


“The team’s experience on calls was invaluable, especially with auditors’ expectations often unclear. Their expertise guided our responses effectively.”


“They were always ready to jump on a call, tackle complicated questions, and even have a laugh, which made the work much easier.”

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