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About us

Cognisys was formed 2019 in Halifax with the ambition to improve the Cyber Security of every organisation it touches. We are an award-winning organisation that has helped keep secure over 430,000 people internationally from our offices in Leeds and Manchester.

Standards and Accreditations

Cognisys has a reputation for technical innovation and excellence. Our expertise and knowledge is built not only on the skills of our people, but also on the highest industry standards.


Our Team

Steve Spence

Arjun Pednekar
Technical Director

Steve Byrom

Christopher McGannon
Sales Manager

Molly McCauley
Internal Support Manager

Jay Maguire
Client Care Manager

Zak Clifford
Computer Security Consultant

Ariela Rodrigues
Project Manager

Joanna Szmuc
Junior Security Compliance Analyst

Edward Roscoe
Junior Security Analyst

Punit Sharma
Application Security Consultant

Rajveer Parmar
Application Security Consultant

David Kenworthy
Account Manager

Josh Barnes
Business Development Manager

Naomi Horton
Business Development Manager

Hannah Wilkinson
Marketing Manager

Bradley Lightfoot
Digital Marketing Manager

Manoj Korekka
Senior Cyber Security Analyst

Malina Henea
Vulnerability Management Analyst

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“It was obvious, very quickly, that the Cognisys team knew exactly what they were doing. The speed that they uncovered some major issues justified our selection of them. I’d be more than happy to recommend them.”

Dan Mitchell

Head of IT – Clarion Solicitors

David Kenworthy

Cyber Security Expert

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