Enhance visibility of security information across your organisation.

SmartView centralises results from penetration testing, vulnerability scans, security assessments and managed cyber services into a simple and easy-to-use portal. Gain deeper insights, accelerate remediation, and achieve compliance faster.

Built by security experts

SmartView has been designed by security experts as a single point of reference for identified vulnerabilities, helping to improve the understanding of risk in your environment.

Integrating with a variety of enterprise toolsets, SmartView allows organisations to easily view, sort and manage their threat vulnerability data, whilst also acting as a secure communications portal for sharing confidential or sensitive information, such as security test results.

Our intelligent dashboard shows your vulnerabilities, clearly and concisely, along with advice for their remediation. To improve efficiency, SmartView allows you to filter data so that you only see what’s relevant for you, whether that’s threats with a specific severity level, vulnerabilities related to a specific asset type, or other criteria.

Smarter cyber security

Security teams have never had it so tough. Threat actors are more determined. Vulnerabilities are more prevalent. Resources are more stretched. This means it is more important than ever to have all your security data in one, easily accessible place. Triaging and prioritisation of workloads should be simple and efficient. SmartView is the answer to this problem.

Improved visibility

SmartView is a MFA controlled environment as standard, providing safe access to all your security engagement information.

Additional controls, such as automatic self-deletion, ensures that your highly sensitive information remains tightly controlled and only available to you and your team, as you need it.

Scan with SmartView

  • Utilises multiple expert security tools along with proprietary code to analyse vulnerabilities.
  • Perpetual analysis of internal and external network infrastructure for new vulnerabilities providing capability to act and remediate fast.
  • Scans are conducted across all devices both within the network, remote and cloud locations.

Information held

  • Vulnerability information

  • Penetration test results
  • Audit and review results
  • Feedback information for ISO 27001 guidance
  • IASME governance information exchange
  • Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Dark web monitoring and OSINT Analysis results
  • Built-in live threat feeds


  • More comprehensive overview of your security vulnerabilities.
  • Single point of reference for all your information and audit trails.
  • Detailed issues and remediation advice.
  • PTaaS (Penetration Testing as a Service).
  • Compliance, governance, test results in one secured location.
  • Validate remediation with subsequent testing.


Cognisys provides additional regular reporting via dedicated Account Management, internal support and technical teams, as appropriate.

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