Cyber security review

Our cyber security review allow us to identify and recognise risk across your organisation’s people, processes and technology.

A comprehensive audit can help you to check that your information security controls are operational and effective, and build a roadmap for improvements to strengthen your security posture. Undertaking a review will provide your organisation with an independent third-party assessment of your current state and our experts are there to help you develop a strategy to increased maturity in the future.

Cyber security review overview

The following areas are included within the assessment:

  • Security controls
  • Key cyber assets
  • Business continuity
  • Responsibilities and roles
  • Incident management
  • Staff awareness and current training
  • Risk register
  • Policies
  • Cyber risk governance
  • Any contractual, legal or regulatory obligation

The technical areas

  • How you monitor security
  • Your access controls
  • Perimeter controls – firewalls, IDS, IPS Proxy
  • What anti-malware is in place
  • An overview of user privileges
  • We review IT core infrastructure devices and sample endpoints
  • Data classification
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM), Multi-Factor Authenticator (MFA), and mobile working

The physical areas

  • How safe your perimeter is

  • Designated secure areas
  • The physical security of your IT systems
  • Any thrid party access or policies

Reporting on the cyber security review

Cognisys presents its findings in a comprehensive yet simple report format.

This typically comprises of:

  • An executive summary
  • Methodology
  • Technical findings
  • Prioritised recommendations for remediation

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