This service is used by our clients to identify and recognise threats, vulnerabilities and weaknesses within their organisation.

This service is very beneficial to organisations looking for reassurance that the controls they have in place are fully and effective. It’s also very helpful for organisations who are looking to align with standards such as ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials and a great way to help make sure you’re being compliant with laws such as GDPR.

Overview of a Cyber Security Review

The following areas are included within the assessment:

  • Your organisations security controls
  • Your key cyber assets
  • Business continuity
  • Responsibilities and roles within your organisation
  • Your incident management
  • Staff awareness and any current training in place
  • Risk register
  • Your company policies
  • Cyber risk governance
  • Any contractual, legal or regulatory obligations
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The Technical Areas

  • Logs and access controls
  • What anti-malware is in place
  • An overview of user privileges
  • We review all your devices and check they are monitored, secure and configured correctly
  • We review your organisations mobile devices and mobile working
  • Your access controls
  • How you monitor security
  • Managed perimeter controls – firewalls, IDS, data

The Physical Areas

  • Any 3rd party policies
  • The security of your IT systems
  • Your assigned safe areas
  • How safe your perimeter is?
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