Web Application Testing

The internet means we’re more connected than ever. It also means that we’re exposed to more risk. How secure are your web applications?

Undergoing an app security test against any bespoke applications within your environment, including your website, e-commerce platform, or CRM solution, can help you to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach.

Our team provide comprehensive assessments of the risks associated with your applications, ensuring that you have the knowledge you need to make tangible improvements in your security posture.

Using a combination of manual and automated techniques and tools, your application is assessed for vulnerabilities. Where it is permitted and safe to do so, we may exploit these vulnerabilities to understand the full scope of the potential risk.

These findings are verified to make sure no false positives are reported. No exploitation of vulnerabilities will be conducted without authorisation from the client.

Web Application Testing

Our Approach

We follow accepted industry standards for testing both web applications and API interfaces. Leveraging methodologies from Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), we ensure that your application is put to the test against a list of the most common attack vectors. 

Any vulnerabilities found will be manually assessed and exploited where it is safe to do so. This allows us to verify our findings, removes the chance of reporting false positive results, and ensures the integrity of our assessment.

Our consultants provide recommended activities for remediation, which helps you to become more securely more quickly. We’re also on hand following the delivery of the report for a debrief call to clarify any areas of uncertainty. 


The following can be included within the application assessment:

  • Web server configuration.

  • Cryptography and communication mechanisms.

  • Authentication and authorisation.

  • Session management.

  • Input and output validation.

  • Business logic.

  • Data storage security.

Applications are evaluated with manual walkthroughs designed to identify functionality and key areas of focus.

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