2024 Vulnerability Management Predictions Report

Gain practical insights into our predicted threats for 2024 in our Threat Predictions Report.

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing, with new vulnerabilities emerging and existing ones becoming more complex. To effectively deal with these challenges, organisations must stay updated on the latest predictions for vulnerability management and implement efficient strategies to mitigate potential risks.

This report provides insights on predicted cyber threats for 2024 and practical strategies for vulnerability management, empowering organisations to safeguard their assets.

Threats predicted in our report

Patch timing & vulnerability exploitation

The persistent delay between vulnerability discovery and patch deployment allows cybercriminals time to exploit vulnerabilities with precision, posing significant risks to organisations.

Human element in ransomware & phishing attacks

Despite investments in technical defences, employee susceptibility to ransomware and phishing attacks persists due to poor work ethic and operational practices.

Role of AI & machine learning in cyber

AI and ML will be increasingly integrated into cyber security for vulnerability management in the coming year. AI-powered solutions will categorise vulnerabilities more efficiently. However, cybercriminals may exploit AI for phishing attacks.

Neglected assets & the risk they pose to your organisation

Overlooked assets will persist as a major cyber threat for organisations. Cybercriminals exploit unprotected systems due to slow vulnerability fixes and non-adherence to critical policies, increasing vulnerability to ransomware and other threats.

Rise of zero-day exploits

As attackers take advantage of unknown vulnerabilities and employ advanced techniques and tools, the frequency of attacks is expected to increase.

Minimum cyber readiness for cyber insurance eligibility

As the year progresses, companies may require Cyber Essentials Plus certification for cyber insurance eligibility, driven by escalating threats and human error risks.

Expansion of IOT device management

Ensuring the security of connected devices is crucial for organisations due to the prevalent vulnerabilities caused by insecure firmware and unprotected channels.

Download our 2024 Vulnerability Management Predictions Report here

2024 Vulnerability Management Predictions Report

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