Launching the Cognisys Sales Academy

Due to our rapid growth ambitions, Cognisys is looking to expand our sales team and recruit experienced Cyber Security experts to focus on driving new business. We are seeking knowledgeable, driven, results-oriented sales professionals who are ready to provide the next level of cyber service to their clients. We’re on the search for Cyber Security Account Managers and Business Development Managers to join our new Sales Academy, headed by our Sales Manager, Chris McGannon.

Our new Sales Manager, Chris McGannon joined the leadership team to head-up the new-business department for Cognisys. Chris has a mature understanding of the UK cyber security marketplace and knows what attracts clients to new suppliers. Utilising his 12+ years of sales experience, Chris is responsible for building our new-business Sales Academy in addition to managing and supporting the senior sales team. As a Leeds local, Chris is particularly pleased to be working back in his native LS1.

Chris mentioned, “I was attracted by the businesses laser-focus on testing and compliance-related services. As a pure-play cyber specialist, Cognisys has an enviable level of depth to its security expertise. Our Technical Director, Arjun Pednekar, is a CREST fellow. He has built an incredible team of testers and consultants who are working with some of the largest organisations in Europe. However, we are equally keen to continue helping smaller organisations mitigate risk and maximise their return on cybersecurity investments.

I am delighted to be working with the Leeds-based sales team and I am looking forward to onboarding the next generation of cyber-defenders into our technical and sales academies. We work with some awesome enterprises that are based out of Leeds, and we look forward to working closely with them and the local community for many years to come.”

If you think you have what it takes or know anyone interested in joining this winning team, look at our careers page for further information.

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