Introducing Jay Maguire, our new Client Care Manager

“The past two years have been challenging for us all, but despite what’s changed in the world, our mission has never been more important; to improve the cyber security posture of every client we touch.

Since the turn of the year, we’ve been working on our strategy, which we’ll tell you more about in the coming weeks, but one change that I can share with you right now is the introduction of my new role as Client Care Manager.

I’ve been at Cognisys since the beginning and it’s great to see us growing and developing. In my time here I’ve been involved in most aspects of the business, and I’ve learnt a lot. I can now use that experience to help you and provide an enhanced service.

My new role will require more regular contact with you and ensuring that your experience of working with us is the best it can possibly be. I’ll provide you with the right care and support whilst being a dedicated conduit to our growing technical team.

I’m excited to take on this new challenge and will be in touch soon” – Jay Maguire, Client Care Manager.

To improve your cyber security posture please contact us and do not leave your IT vulnerable: 0113 531 1700 |

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