The Challenge

Like many organisations in the UK this housing association was just carrying out annual penetration testing and performing non-regular vulnerability scans. While we praise any organisation that is taking action towards being cyber secure, at Cognisys, we always want to go further. Our aim is to always take our clients on a cybersecurity journey, from their current state, advancing as high on the Cyber Security maturity curve as possible.

The Cyber Security Journey

We began the working relationship by carrying out their annual penetration testing. After further conversation about what they were currently doing, in respect of their cybersecurity, we quickly saw the gap for a flexible plan to be implemented.

After the tests, Cognisys recommended that they should look to attain the Cyber Essentials+ certification. We knew that this would be a great way to get a clear picture of where they currently were with their overall Cyber Security and what gaps needed to be closed – all while helping them achieve certification from a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme.

After the certification was achieved, we put a 36-month agreement together. This included testing & consulting days that could be used for their annual pen-testing and additionally towards our other services such as our Office 365 Tenant Review, a Cyber Security Audit, Phishing Simulations and many more. The agreement also included monthly Vulnerability Scans, Dark Web ID monitoring, and ongoing annual Cyber Essentials PLUS renewals.

The client loved, (in their words), having a Cyber Security menu and knowing that they now had a clear Cyber Security plan in place, all while continuing to improve their cyber security posture.

Cognisys love (in our words) that we have established a strong Cyber Security partnership with the client, helped them become more secure and helped them to save costs (a big win for any non-profit organisation, and one of the biggest benefits of our agreements).

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