The Challenge

To ensure that the remote working solution does not dilute the overall security of this 260 strong legal workforce

SmartScan – Powered by Qualys

COVID-19 has changed the boundaries of our workplace, users are working from home on a geographically distributed fleet of laptops. In many cases it can be weeks before they connect directly to the office network, and some of the controls that were effective previously are now struggling to keep up.

To defend modern IT environments, you need an integrated, centralised cloud-based platform that gives you a single view of all your IT assets and their vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. You must be able to slice and dice the data, visualise it with graphs and reports, and analyse and share it with multiple stakeholders.

You could attempt to build a system that gives you this holistic and comprehensive view of your threat landscape by cobbling together point products. But it will be complicated, costly and ineffective.

Fortunately, such a solution already exists: SmartScan+, Powered by the Qualys Cloud Platform.

This next-generation toolset was the logical choice for this legal firm having previously used the original SmartScan toolset, pre-Covid, which came bundled with their security agreement from Cognisys.

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Laptops – all secured


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From no solution to no problem

“ I’ve never had anything break with the updates. Overall, the best system I’ve tried.”

Andrew Karter Client

Penetration Tester