Cognisys gains CREST OVS certification

The CREST OVS Penetration Testing Services, offered by Cognisys, aim to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses within both web and mobile applications, allowing clients to address them proactively.

Why CREST approved pen testing?

Cyber attackers frequently focus on platforms like web and mobile applications, utilising them as primary entry points to infiltrate and compromise valuable data. Leveraging cutting-edge CREST accredited web applications and mobile penetration testing services, the company provides robust defence mechanisms, shielding clients from many potential online threats and outmanoeuvring hackers.

The collaboration between CREST and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has resulted in the development of the CREST OVS framework Mi, which offers a systematic and flexible approach to maintaining web and mobile application security standards.

Employing advanced penetration testing methodologies, our team of cyber security specialists at Cognisys meticulously simulate real-world hacking scenarios to scrutinise your web applications. Through this process, any existing security flaws susceptible to exploitation are promptly identified. Furthermore, our services extend beyond mere identification; they offer comprehensive remediation plan for rectifying vulnerabilities, ensuring the safety of both our clients and their customers’ data against cyber attacks.

Arjun Pednekar, Technical Director at Cognisys Group, said: “This prestigious accreditation underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch application security assessment services and adds another feather to our cap. For clients seeking robust protection against cyber threats, partnering with Cognisys is paramount. The rigorous testing methodologies and adherence to industry best practices offered by OVS-certified firms ensure that our clients receive comprehensive assessments of their web and mobile applications. This proactive approach not only identifies vulnerabilities but also provides actionable insights and recommendations to mitigate risks effectively.”

The benefits of CREST OVS is explained here –

OWASP Application Security Verification Standard –

OWASP Mobile application Security Assessment Program –

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